Installing the DPM Management Shell

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Hello Folks,

I’ve been working with DPM since the previous versions and yesterday I started to play with DPM v2. In this blog post I will cover the installation of the DPM Management Shell portion of the product.

The initial screen, click on Install DPM Management Shell.

License Terms, If you agree Accept and click on OK.


Welcome. Just click Next

Prerequsites Check. The setup will validate the prerequisites, click on Next.

Installation Settings. We can change the installation folder, after that click on Next.

Installation. Just click on Close to start to manage the DPM through DPM Management Shell.

Now, PowerShell rocks!!!


Do you have any doubts about DPM Management Shell cmdlets? Don’t worry we can use get-DPMCommand cmdlet to get all the avaiable cmdlets to manage the DPM through PowerShell.



Best Regards,
Anderson Patricio

Written by Anderson Patricio

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